Abstract non Polymorphyc Matrix:
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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Gaussian_Elimination.h [code]Gaussian elimination implementation
Matrix_BASE.h [code]Declarations and definitiones for the non polymorphic abstract class Matrix_BASE<>
Matrix_Dense.h [code]Declarations and definitiones for class Matrix_Dense<>
Matrix_Lib.h [code]Functions to manipulate Matrix_BASE<>
Matrix_List.h [code]Declarations and definitiones for class Matrix_List<>
Matrix_Sparse.h [code]
rational.h [code]Declara el tipo "rational"
test_Gauss.cpp [code]
test_Matrix.cpp [code]Este programita sirve para ver cómo funciona la matriz..
test_rational.cpp [code]Programa de prueba para la clase rational<INT>