Abstract non Polymorphyc Matrix:
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Gaussian_Elimination.h File Reference

Gaussian elimination implementation. More...

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#define Gaussian_Elimination_h
#define English_dox   "Doxygen English documentation"
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template<class E >
abs (const E &r)
 Returns the absolute value for r.
template<class Matrix >
Matrix::value_type Gaussian_Elimination (const Matrix &M, Matrix &X, const Matrix &B)
 Gaussianan Elimination.

Detailed Description

Gaussian elimination implementation.

Adolfo Di Mare adolf.nosp@m.o@di.nosp@m.-mare.nosp@m..com

Definition in file Gaussian_Elimination.h.

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Definition at line 17 of file Gaussian_Elimination.h.

#define English_dox   "Doxygen English documentation"

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template<class E >
template< class E > inline E abs ( const E &  r) [inline]

Returns the absolute value for r.

Definition at line 35 of file Gaussian_Elimination.h.

template<class Matrix >
template< class Matrix > typename Matrix::value_type Gaussian_Elimination ( const Matrix &  M,
Matrix &  X,
const Matrix &  B 

Gaussianan Elimination.

  • Solves a system of "n" linear equations with "n" unknowns ussign "Gaussianan Elimination".
  • The system has the matricial form MxX = B:
          M0,0    M1,0    M2,0    ....  Mn-1,0  ==   B0,0
          M0,1    M1,1    M2,1    ....  Mn-1,1  ==   B0,1
          M0,2    M1,2    M2,2    ....  Mn-1,2  ==   B0,2
          :       :       :             :            :
          :       :       :             :            :
          M0,n-1  M1,n-1  M2,n-1  ....  Mn-1,n-1 ==  B0,n-1
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Definition at line 41 of file Gaussian_Elimination.h.