Abstract non Polymorphyc Matrix:
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Mx::Matrix_BASE< E >This is the base template for the implementaciones of the chirrisquitica matrix
Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >This is a very chirrisquitica matrix that can change size dinamically
Mx::Matrix_List< E >Chirrisquitica matrix stored as a sparse matrix implemented with lists
Mx::Matrix_List_ColVal< E >Private class used to implement the list of values for each row
Mx::Matrix_Sparse< E >Chirrisquitica matrix stored as a sparse matrix
rational< INT >La clase rational implementa las operaciones aritméticas principales para números rationales
test_GaussClase simple para probar Gauss()
test_rational< INT >Prueba la clase rational<INT>