Abstract non Polymorphyc Matrix:
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Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >, including all inherited members.
add_Matrix(Matrix_Dense< T > &Res, const Matrix_Dense< T > &M)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [friend]
Mx::Matrix_BASE::add_Matrix(MAT &Res, const MAT &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
at(unsigned i, unsigned j)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
at(unsigned i, unsigned j) const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
at_Matrix(MAT &M, unsigned i, unsigned j)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
at_Matrix(const MAT &M, unsigned i, unsigned j)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
capacity() const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
check_ok(const Matrix_Dense< T > &M)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [friend]
check_ok_Matrix(const MAT &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
check_ok_Matrix(const MAT &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
clear()Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
clear_Matrix(MAT &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
cols() const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
const_reference typedefMx::Matrix_BASE< E >
copy(const Matrix_Dense &o)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
Mx::Matrix_BASE::copy(const Matrix_BASE &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
count() const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
count_Matrix(const MAT &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
equals(const Matrix_Dense &o) const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
Mx::Matrix_BASE::equals(const Matrix_BASE &M) const Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
equals_Matrix(const MAT &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
getDefault()Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
m_colsMx::Matrix_Dense< E > [private]
m_rowsMx::Matrix_Dense< E > [private]
m_valMx::Matrix_Dense< E > [private]
Matrix_BASE(unsigned m=1, unsigned n=1)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [inline, protected]
Matrix_BASE(const Matrix_BASE &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
Matrix_BASE(const E &val)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
Matrix_Dense(unsigned m=1, unsigned n=1)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
Matrix_Dense(const Matrix_Dense &o)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
Matrix_Dense(const E &V)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
move(Matrix_Dense &o)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
Mx::Matrix_BASE::move(Matrix_BASE &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
multiply_Matrix(MAT &Res, const MAT &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
operator!=(const Matrix_BASE< typename MAT::value_type > &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
operator()(unsigned, unsigned)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
operator()(unsigned, unsigned) const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
operator*(const Matrix_BASE< typename MAT::value_type > &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
operator+(const Matrix_BASE< typename MAT::value_type > &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
operator-(const Matrix_BASE< typename MAT::value_type > &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
operator=(const Matrix_Dense &o)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
Mx::Matrix_BASE::operator=(const Matrix_BASE &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
operator==(const Matrix_BASE< typename MAT::value_type > &A, const MAT &B)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
reference typedefMx::Matrix_BASE< E >
reShape(unsigned m, unsigned n)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
reSize(unsigned m, unsigned n)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
rows() const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
same(const Matrix_BASE &M) const Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [inline]
setDefault(const E &same)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
size() const Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
substract_Matrix(MAT &Res, const MAT &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [friend]
swap(Matrix_Dense &o)Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]
Mx::Matrix_BASE::swap(Matrix_BASE &M)Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [protected]
test_Matrix classMx::Matrix_Dense< E > [friend]
transpose()Mx::Matrix_Dense< E >
value_type typedefMx::Matrix_BASE< E >
~Matrix_BASE()Mx::Matrix_BASE< E > [inline, protected]
~Matrix_Dense()Mx::Matrix_Dense< E > [inline]