mnyfmt.c: Format money or currency amounts
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FMTSTR Struct Reference

Used by 'mnyfmt_wrap()' to check for memory overwrites. More...

Public Attributes

char * sgn
 Returned by mnyfmt() More...
char before [128]
 Filler before str[]. More...
char str [256]
 Format string for mnyfmt() More...
char after [128]
 Filler after str[]. More...

Detailed Description

Used by 'mnyfmt_wrap()' to check for memory overwrites.

Definition at line 72 of file mnyfmtts.c.

Member Data Documentation

char* FMTSTR::sgn

Returned by mnyfmt()

Definition at line 73 of file mnyfmtts.c.

char FMTSTR::before[128]

Filler before str[].

Definition at line 74 of file mnyfmtts.c.

char FMTSTR::str[256]

Format string for mnyfmt()

Definition at line 75 of file mnyfmtts.c.

char FMTSTR::after[128]

Filler after str[].

Definition at line 76 of file mnyfmtts.c.

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