Class BarrierMap

  extended by BarrierMap

public class BarrierMap
extends Object

This class shows how to synchronice a bunch of people who perform many activities. The main requirement is that no one will be performing activity n+1 until every body finised activity n. Each person is called Bob[i].

  • This is an example of a centralized authority that lets many processes rund concurrently without knowing that they are executing in parallel. In a distributed systems this central authority does not exist.
  • This is an example of Map/Reduce. In the "Map" face, in programa "main()", the syncrhonization semaphores are set up and the Bob processes are created. The "Reduce" is executed after all the Bob processes are done.

    Constructor Summary
    Method Summary
    static void main(String[] args)
              Main program.
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    Constructor Detail


    public BarrierMap()
    Method Detail


    public static void main(String[] args)
    Main program.