A fines de 1998 conocí un hombre maravilloso, sin cuyo recuerdo no hubiera podido sobrellevar momentos muy difíciles.  En los meses posteriores lo busqué y recordé.  Fue en esos meses que le escribí estos versos:



In the middle of the night, raising

like a shadow are your memories...

Passing through my soul and

getting into the dark and light Faces of my moon. 

Like ghosts I try to hold them, slipping

in my hands and my brain.  I only find

spare flashes of light in a dark room. 

Twists of light that shine in my brain. 

Moulding my thoughts

and filtering the lights of my day, I find

that little bit of you that you left inside me...




All in a sudden matter

Life became bright and

Ectasy did not make its own way

Xposé, touché et laissé


Sweet dreams, bitter memories

More could be left than that

I find myself thinking of

Time passes by, no stop

Hard times


Being two instead of one

Yet hard to accept

Earth goes round and round


1998 or early 1999



This was supposed to say ...

How could I survive?



How could I survive 5 months without you?

Just living everyday

How could I see the sky and the stars without you?

Just thinking that you flew in that sky

How could I take a look at the beach without you?

Knowing that you are somewhere in the sea

How could I survive without seeing your eyes?

Saw them guiding me in the light of the day

How could I survive without your touch?

Took into my heart and memories your smell and your touch

How could I survive without you in muddy land?

Got in my heart the hope of seeing you again

How could I survive without you, not seeing you, your

face, your eyes and your smile?

Took you in my heart, stayed with me deep in

my heart and guided me through day and night.

How did I survive?  You stayed with me...

March, 1999




Have you ever thought that the wind touches your


Have your ever thought that the sea holds your dreams

Have you ever seen the flowers bloom for you?

Can there be on earth something as beautiful as

your eyes?

Is there something as gratifying as

the smile in your face?

Please send me a fax with the answer...

I like you!!!

March, 1999




Can I say I am sorry without being nasty

Can I say I am sorry for not knowing what

was being loved until you found me.

Can I say I am sorry for not knowing what

being loved was until you came

Can I say I am sorry for not knowing what

being loved was until you came

Can I say I am sorry for not knowing what





One night I prayed for the perfect man

One day the man came.  He talked to

me in a language I could understand

He took me into his world and I was happy

there.  I was scared of Mr. Right

He stayed there for me and did not

understand.  And he left.

and I cried.  And I cried.

And begged him to talk again to me

And then I understood that he was there

for me and now he was gone.

And I cried, And I cried.

And one day I woke up and was happy

again to have met him.




I am sorry for not knowing


As there is one part of me that belongs to you

no matter how far you are; it will always be


You came with the light, in the day

March, 1999



I still find my mind reaching for you

I wish memories could be erased,

I wish mistakes could be undone,

I wish life could be lived once again...


Alas... time has passed by,

Memories remain,

Mistakes force me to learn,

And life goes on...


Only a warm embrace, and a sweet kiss could make time stop.

April, 1999




Hold me once again in your arms....

Let me feel again your sweet kisses.


Wish I could look into your eyes again,

Wish I could see your smile again....

Oh.... but I can still dream about you every night....


A few moments can change a lifetime

And a life cannot change some moments


At last everything goes its way...

And everything that went on a wrong track,

Thaught more than a lifetime of experience


April, 1999