lkptr - simple reference LinKed PoinTeR:
base_lkptr< X > Member List
This is the complete list of members for base_lkptr< X >, including all inherited members.
acquire(base_lkptr *r)base_lkptr< X > [inline, private]
array_lkptr classbase_lkptr< X > [friend]
autolink()base_lkptr< X > [inline, private]
base_lkptr(X *p=0)base_lkptr< X > [inline, explicit, private]
base_lkptr(Y *p)base_lkptr< X > [inline, explicit, private]
base_lkptr(const base_lkptr &r)base_lkptr< X > [inline, private]
base_lkptr(const base_lkptr< Y > &r)base_lkptr< X > [inline, explicit, private]
check_ok(const base_lkptr< Y > &p)base_lkptr< X > [friend]
get() const base_lkptr< X > [inline]
isNull() const base_lkptr< X > [inline]
lkptr classbase_lkptr< X > [friend]
merge(base_lkptr &r)base_lkptr< X > [private]
nextbase_lkptr< X > [private]
ok() const base_lkptr< X >
operator*() const base_lkptr< X > [inline]
operator->() const base_lkptr< X > [inline]
prevbase_lkptr< X > [private]
ptrbase_lkptr< X > [private]
test_lkptr classbase_lkptr< X > [friend]
unique() const base_lkptr< X > [inline]
unlink()base_lkptr< X > [inline, private]
use_count() const base_lkptr< X >
value() const base_lkptr< X > [inline]
weak_lkptr classbase_lkptr< X > [friend]
wide_lkptr classbase_lkptr< X > [friend]
~base_lkptr()base_lkptr< X > [inline, private]
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