[B]asic module for [unit] program testing:
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TestCase Member List
This is the complete list of members for TestCase, including all inherited members.
countTestCases() const TestCase [inline]
do_toString(const TestCase *tc, std::basic_ostringstream< char > &ost)TestCase [friend]
do_toXML(const TestCase *tc, std::basic_ostringstream< char > &ost)TestCase [friend]
errorCount() const TestCase [inline]
failureCount() const TestCase [inline, virtual]
failureString() const TestCase [inline]
getName() const TestCase [inline]
iAmTestSuite() const TestCase [inline, private, virtual]
m_failureTestCase [protected]
m_failureListTestCase [protected]
m_nameTestCase [protected]
m_passTestCase [protected]
m_test_suite_destroyTestCase [protected]
nError() const TestCase [inline, protected]
nPass() const TestCase [inline, protected]
operator=(const TestCase &)TestCase [private]
recordFailure(const char *label, const char *fname, int lineno, bool must_copy=false)TestCase [inline, protected]
recordFailure(const std::string &label, const char *fname, int lineno)TestCase [inline, protected]
recordSuccess()TestCase [inline, protected]
report() const TestCase [inline]
reset()TestCase [inline, virtual]
run()=0TestCase [pure virtual]
Run()TestCase [inline]
runBare()TestCase [inline]
runCount() const TestCase [inline]
runTest()TestCase [inline]
setName(const char *name=0)TestCase [inline]
setUp()TestCase [inline, virtual]
successCount() const TestCase [inline, virtual]
summary() const TestCase [inline, virtual]
tearDown()TestCase [inline, virtual]
test_BUnit classTestCase [friend]
TestCase(const char *name=0)TestCase [inline]
TestCase(const TestCase &)TestCase [private]
TestSuite classTestCase [friend]
testThis(bool cond, const char *label, const char *fname, long lineno, bool must_copy=false)TestCase [inline, protected]
testThis(bool cond, const std::string &label, const char *fname, long lineno)TestCase [inline, protected]
toString() const TestCase [inline, virtual]
toString(const T &val)TestCase [static]
toXML() const TestCase [inline, virtual]
wasSuccessful() const TestCase [inline]
~TestCase()TestCase [inline, virtual]